Sustainability is a journey we are all on together. Here at Stolmid, we are continuously taking steps towards sustainability including: sourcing environmentally-friendly trimmings, using eco-friendly, reusable packaging, and recycling our waste. We view sustainability as a commitment to our environment and the people in it today & in the future. As more sustainable products are invented, we are committed to embracing them in the creation of our products. Currently all trimmings on our shorts are made using OEKO-TEX® certified materials. Of course there is still room for improvement in our process. We embrace that and look forward to continuing this journey with you.



In North America, some estimates state that more than 13 million tonnes of clothing are thrown into landfills every year when 95% of that could be reused or recycled. As we sacrifice margin to bring you high-quality clothing at an honest price, we do not ever run sales, but because sustainability is important to us, if for some reason you decide to part with your shorts, we ask that you return them to us for a discount on a future purchase.

We manufacture everything in limited quantities to meet projected demand. That is good for the environment but means the item you wanted may sell out quicker. We encourage our customers to sign up on our waiting list because your name ends up in our projection count, meaning that the next set of shorts will really be made with you in mind.


Our “Life” tote bags have proven to be almost as popular as Stolmid shorts and that’s a good thing. Especially as it is made using organic cotton. According to the research, organic cotton can’t keep up with the demand for it and can actually use up more resources than conventionally grown cotton, potentially having a greater impact on the environment. What can you do to help? Use less. We also manufacture only as demand reflects and the beauty of a tote bag is that it is reusable.


We partner with EcoEnclose to ship our products to you with the world's most sustainable poly mailer - made with 100% recycled content (50% post-consumer content, 50% post-industrial content), a reusable tear strip, and it is recyclable in thin film bins. The prints on our custom mailers are also created using water-based ink.

Our flap & seal bags are made from 100% recycled content and is recyclable at grocery drop offs or wherever #4 flexible plastic is accepted. They are also durable, moisture and tear & tamper resistant.

Rather than put each individual item in a separate flap & seal bag, we fit as many as possible in one to reduce your waste upon receipt. We also do not print and use hang tags because you knew the brand & price of the item when you purchased it and it is on the packing slip. No need to remind you with extra tags and fasteners. Let’s reduce waste together.

Also, our paper receipts are printed using 100% post-consumer waste paper. Paper made from 100% post-consumer waste is produced entirely from paper that comes directly out of your office or home recycling bin. Using post-consumer recycled paper helps eliminate the need for harvesting more virgin materials, and also creates a demand for the paper we recycle, thereby closing the recycling loop


Every day in the US alone, e-commerce packages travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back, 133,000 times. Online shopping has an unavoidable carbon footprint and the way to mitigate that is via carbon offsets. Buy selecting to use EcoCart at shipping, you will round up your purchase to buy certified carbon offsets with each order. One carbon offset typically represents one tonne reduction of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases from the environment. The EcoCart algorithm calculates the emissions of manufacturing and shipping each unique order by looking at things like shipping distance, package weight and product type. Then it uses the offset to fund certified carbon offsetting projects. Help save the package when you shop with Stolmid.


Future ways we plan to look out for our environment next include:

  • Making or suggesting washing bags to 1) reduces fiber shedding & button chipping and protects your clothes and 2) filters the few fibers that do break
  • Continuing to use OEKO-TEX® certified buttons on our linen shirts (coming soon) and dying the raw material instead of the surface to eliminate chipping
  • Only using eco-friendly paper
  • Achieving B CERTIFICATION - The B Impact Assessment will evaluate how Stolmid’s operations and business model impact our employees, community, environment, and customers. From our supply chain and input materials to our charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves that our business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance
  • Partner with organizations to divert tonnes of textiles from landfills, ensuring they are redistributed to help those in need
  • Determine a suitable alternative to painting the snap button on the shorts
  • Find more ways to encourage you, our Stolmid family to recycle your waste