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About Stolmid

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How to define STOLMID
Stolmid /stol-mid/ adjective: the simultaneous feeling of pride and hopefulness for someone or something.
Stolmid launched as a lifestyle swimwear brand designed to give back to the world we live in, the world that inspires us.
Our Story

Stolmid is a branded apparel company inspired by moments lived and emotions felt. The type of moments and emotions that stir an awakening & the creation of art. We use our art to create apparel with the hopes that interacting with Stolmid and following our story will encourage community, inspire others to seek out experiences, motivate them on their journeys and awaken their desire to create.
One problem most people who don shorts face is that things fall out of their pockets. That was the first issue we sought to address. Secondly, swim shorts are often just not versatile enough. Stolmid addresses these issues and also currently makes apparel for warmer weather days. While there are many sophisticated apparel companies, Stolmid strives to make it more affordable to look good.  
About the Founder
Stolmid Founder, Jelani Chance
My name is Jelani Chance. I am an artist and the founder of Stolmid. I was born and raised in Brooklyn during a “rugged” time where as a kid I experienced a world that felt as though it was supposed to harden me and teach me how to look out for only myself, but somehow through it all I managed to become and remain compassionate. At 16 I lost someone I looked up to, to gun violence. He was only 21 at the time and our journeys felt so parallel that I took it as a sign that I’d only live to 21 as well. With this new deadline on my life, I still didn’t think about myself. Instead I used it to help everyone I could around me. On my 22nd birthday I cried in disbelief that I made it to that age.

As a young adult, my creativity was stunted for several years until I started allowing myself to be vulnerable with myself. The first day it happened was as unexpected as it was beautiful. As a true city kid, I had never been on a hike, but on this day, I agreed to go on one to see the sunrise in Sedona, Arizona. I drove up in the dark of the desert night with no idea the beauty that I’d witness in a few short hours. As I watched the sun rise, I remembered the uncertainty I had felt when moving to Phoenix, a city I had no connection to, and how hard it had been to leave New York. I had taken a different path than my friends and ignored what felt like common sense by moving the Arizona and while I wasn’t sure where I’d end up, it all felt okay.
The peace I felt in that moment tapped an emotion I hadn’t felt since I was a naive kid and I resolved to never lose that again. I can now see my stories in the stroke of the paintbrush or the pen. It’s a recording of what I am going through in the moment that I am creating it. It taught me to appreciate the journey.

Living past 21 years of age with what feels like “borrowed time” I have become more focused on doing all that I can to spread love. Blessed to have made it to college and beyond, I currently spend my days split between my day job in finance at a leading international bank, acting as the primary guardian for my niece and nephew, and Stolmid.
Stolmid was born out of a want to help homeless people who seek a second chance to try and get back on their feet, the desire to increase access to clean water globally, and to encourage those who need the encouragement - to try. To try anything you want to do and make you aware that while you may not believe in yourself, we believe in you. Founded by an artist, the idea was to connect art to those initiatives. It is okay to want to help more than one goal, it just requires a plan.

STOLMID Supports

"Every Stolmid piece was inspired by moments lived and emotions felt during my own journey of life and each short is named after the city that inspired their eponymous artwork." - Jelani Chance, Founder

As a way to give back to the cities that inspired us, we started an initiative called Stolmid Supports that donates to local causes focused on getting resources to people living in those cities.

As a company whose inspiration is rooted in experiences, we are as dedicated to providing our family of customers with carefully curated pieces from those moments as we are to giving underserved people in our communities, access to experiences of their own.

We invite you to take a swim with us and change the world. See you at the beach.