The shorts with the orange button

Stolmid is a Black-Owned, Brooklyn-based, D2C Men's Swimwear brand motivated by experiences lived and driven by the hopefulness of travels and adventures yet to come.

Our unique in-house designs are inspired by the cities and places we have visited and combine long-lasting sustainable quality with the versatile style you crave. Taking you seamlessly from brunch to the beach allows you more freedom for many more memorable moments.

Our mission is to be the go-to Men's swimwear brand for long-lasting quality and versatile style that inspires you to create memories through travel and motivates you to forge stronger community and minimize your impact on the environment.

We intend STOLMID be #GoodforManyTravels

Stolmid - a portmanteau combining Stolz (proud in German) and Omid (hope in Farsi) conveying the simultaneous feeling of pride and hopefulness for someone or something.

About the Founder

I've always wanted more versatility in my shorts - shorts that looked good enough to be worn in different settings but also that were more practical; that had deeper zipper pockets, a better fit, comfort, durability, etc.

So, I set out to create swim shorts that would be equally versatile as they were stylish and long-lasting. Shorts that you would feel proud to wear on or off the beach, would become part of the memories you create and you will think fondly of when you look back on life as they were part of your journey.

STOLMID designs are born out of moments and emotions lived and experienced. When you wear our shorts, you’re wearing a manifestation of our experiences, all while making your own.

Thank you for creating memories with us.

STOLMID Supports

"Every Stolmid piece was inspired by moments lived and emotions felt during my own journey of life and each short is named after the city that inspired their eponymous artwork." - Jelani Chance, Founder

As a way to give back to the cities that inspired us, we started an initiative called Stolmid Supports that donates to local causes focused on getting resources to people living in those cities.

As a company whose inspiration is rooted in experiences, we are as dedicated to providing our family of customers with carefully curated pieces from those moments as we are to giving underserved people in our communities, access to experiences of their own.

We invite you to take a swim with us and change the world. See you at the beach.