Stolmid Friends

Keep this list in mind the next time you decide to shop or are looking for a service


@PaperJamNY - Streetwear
@NicheGarmentCo - Vintage/Distressed
@LaFitteUSAInc - Streetwear
@DyeGuy - Handcrafted Dyes
@Baliawear - Swimwear


@SimiAutomatic - Mix Media
@IamWetPaint - Painting / Mix Media
@BusyBirdy - Painting / Mix Media
@CruzGraphicDesign - Graphic Design / Mix Media
@2Oceans - Mix Media


@Paulabear - Yoga
@Projectoprana - Yoga 
@JameelaTheGreat - Wellness Coach

Health / Nutrition

@WilderJuices - Tri State Area
@Doctor_Benji - Foot & Ankle Specialists
@NerveAssist - Pain Relief

Home Improvement

@SteadyHandHandymen - Home Installations (NY/NJ)
@DrewNagda - Home Remodeler

Jewelry / Accesories

@TheAlkimmi - Jewelry
@DesignsBySamThomas - Jewelry
@Bakma_Bk - Masks

Photography / Video


Real Estate

@ThaliaNagda - Real Estate Advisor (Los Angeles)
@d.i.a.n.a.z - Sr. Loan Officer (Southern California)
@Ash_Kulkarni- Real Estate Advisor (New York)
@Arelli_Sells_Dallas - Real Estate Agent (Dallas)

To save you the time and trouble of asking your network, we encourage you to consider the above list of creators in the Stolmid network