Short sleeve t-shirt

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Stolmid cotton shirts are made with authentic Egyptian cotton that is grown in the Nile Delta. Only 5% of the fashion industry can trace their apparel back to the farm. Stolmid sources the Egyptian cotton through a supplier that maintains 100% transparency throughout the supply chain to ensure fair pay and treatment along the way

Long-staple cotton

Egyptian cotton is classified as a long to extra-long staple fibre. It creates stronger, softer, more breathable cotton and is more resistant to breakage, fraying, pilling, and wrinkling

Transparent supply chain

The cotton in Stolmid's shirts come from 690 smallholder cotton farms that our suppliers work with directly. They are there every step of the supply chain - from farm to hanger, ensuring full transparency, fair pay, and ethical treatment at every step

Our suppliers work hand-in-hand with the farmers to understand their changing needs, providing them with subsidies like fertilizer and agricultural consultants. This past season, these subsidies helped to lower the average farmer’s costs by an average of 28%


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